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Welcome to Sentosa Natural Health Centre

About us

At Sentosa Natural Health Centre we specialize in Natural medicine and Bioresonance. Our aim is to find the root cause of health ailments and to treat the individual holistically. We help to educate clients on how to heal themselves through Natural Medicine, correct Nutrition, Detoxification and Exercise. By giving the body the correct tools, in the way of Nutrition, Natural Supplementation, Herbal Remedies and Homeopathy, we strive to bring Balance and Harmony to your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Good Health brings physical strength and endurance, it allows for emotional balance, it promotes healthy thoughts and makes for happier and more successful individuals.

Meet Our Experts

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Sherie Virdi

Biochemist – Nutritionist

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Andri Panayiotou

Doctor of Alternative Medicine

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Varvara Demetriou

Laser and Therapy Technician


Our happy clients

Andri and her team have totally changed my life and the life of my family. They have performed life changing results in our health and well – being that no other medical consultant could fix. We are so frat full for Sentosa. Their professionalism and kindness. I want to thank you Dr Andri for everything.


Mary & Billis | 03/02/2017

I had so many issues with my peptic system as well as my immune system and from the 1st month I followed the treatment/instructions from Dr. Andri and I saw a great improvement. I am sure that by following Dr. Andri’s treatment I will become as healthy as I can be.


Marianne Papadopoulou | 31/01/2017

I visited andri about 10 years ago in Paphos with a great deal of medical issues. After 2 years of visiting Andri every 2-3 months my body was working like clockwork! I lost 11 kilos and felt as for as ever. Now, after all these year I am back here, once again with other health problems and I am sure that once again Andri will help me solve them all! Thank you for everything Andri.!


Anon | 05/04/2017

For many years I was suffering from stomach problems, to the point that I couldn’t eat anything without pain in my stomach. After only one year of therapy with Mrs. Andri I managed to find my health again. There are no words that can describe how thankful I am for everything the Sentos group has done for me.


Stephanie Kalavasides| 14/03/2017

One year ago I visited Sentosa health centre. I felt very sick and weak, my lungs didn’t function well, I couldn’t breath… After the first visit I followed a detox programme and a balanced diet…In 2-3 months I started to feel much better. I hot rid of heavy metals and bacteria, my stress levels got lower. After the second visit with the doctor I started to balance my minerals and vitamins, kept doing my diet and reducing the virus and toxins. Now I feel perfect, I have excellent body composition and my energy levels are very high. Thanks very much to the Centre and Dr. Andri! You do a great Job!


Novikova Ekaterina | 26/01/2017

I decided to visit Andri after a lot of health problems I had. U was suffering with weaknesses and bad memory issues and a lot of stress. With all her help I’m in a so much better stage right now and coping much better with my energy and my studies. Thank you the Sentosa group for all your help and for caring enough to help.


Elena Karmiou | 05/04/2017